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Virtual Assistants

Fillva brings your business to the next level
Monitor your freelancer's activies and mesure thier KPIs
This system could be a game changer
for you as CEO.

Why Choose Fillva

Actually, there are several reasons why you should use us, but here are a few:

Make your business grow
"Fillva" system allows you to make the next step with your business. The opportunity to keep track of your Employees.
Know your employees better
Every one of "Fillva" employee have to present himself with personal wideo that tell you about his strengths.
Monitor employee productivity
In addition to monitoring worker activity, on "Fillva" you can monitor the Employee Productivity.
Monitor Employee Activity
With "Fillva" system you have the possibility to monitor your employees to know the exact time he's active.

Monitor Employee

With a special Chrome Extension we can monitor all the actions that our employees did on the clock and get the precise screenshot.

Maximum Efficiency

With our system you can compare employees productivity and find out who give you the most and also who delay your business.

Key Performance

We monitor the exact time that your employees spent in the platforms you guide him to work on and how much time he wasn't.

Indicators by Productivity

We monitor the exact actions your employees did when they are on the clock. You will notice when they don't use thir mouse or keyboard.

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