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No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.

Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn

Hiring only the employees that can handle your business

We give you the opportunity to filter your employee search only for the freelancer that will be the best match for the job.

  • Meet your new worker

    On the 'Hiring' area you can watch the employee personal video and see the employee final exam in the topic you search for hire.

  • Answer all your needs

    On our system you can find employees for several majority platforms, including: eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Canva and more.

Manage your staff more precisely

Manage your staff more precisely

With our system you can add your own employees and manage their time efficiency, even if you didnt recruit them with Fillva.

  • Monitor employee with screenshots

    With special Chrome extension we can monitor all the actions that our employees did on the clock and get the precise screenshot.

  • Maximum efficiency and conclusions

    With our system you can compare employees productivity and find out who give you the most and also who delay your business.

Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

With our system you will always be involved in what is being done by the employees. You will get the opportunity to examine the quality and quantity of your employees actions.

  • Key Performance Indicators by activity

    We monitor the exact time that your employees spent in the platforms you guide him to work on and how much time he wasn't active on those platforms.

  • Key Performance Indicators by productivity

    We monitor the exact actions your employees did when they on the clock. You will notice when they don't use their mouse or keyboard.

Our Professional Courses

Make sure your VA have the skills to manage your business
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Customer Service

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eBay Basics

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Canva Designs

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Market Research with ZIK Analytics

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Market Research with Power Drop

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Kaldrop Monitor Guide


Working with experts only

In ‘Fillva’ system you can find well trained virtual assistants. Hard workers that learned in our classes how to work properly with necessary platforms and made final exams in our system as well.

Know your employees better

Every one of ‘Fillva’ employee have to present himself with personal video that tell you who the new worker is and what is expertise.

Find necessary employees fast

The process of hiring a virtual assistant is really long. In ‘Fillva’ you can work with professionals workers and switch employees until you will find the one that will make you satisfied.

Monitor employee activity

With ‘Fillva’ system you have the possibility to monitor your employee and know the exact time he is actually effort on the work platforms when he is on the clock.

Monitor employee productivity

In addition to monitoring worker activity, on ‘Fillva’ you can monitor employee productivity percent – We monitor the actions of keyboard and mouse click for reach the maximum productive.

Make your business growth

‘Fillva” system allow you make the next step with your business. The opportunity to hire and monitor expert freelancers with one system could be a game changer for you as CEO.

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