How to give your VA access to sensetive platforms?

Hello everyone,

Today we will talk about the highly important issue, how to give an employee access to sensitive platforms.

I will take 2 examples: 

  1. eBay seller account
  2. Amazon buyer account

But the things we will talk about are valid for almost every platform.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Why would we want to give an employee access to eBay and Amazon?

Most of the tasks that require time and labor are on our work platforms, without giving the employee access it will be almost impossible to take the load off from us.

Why give this the access information is so sensitive?

There are platforms that are sensitive to IP changes – on eBay for example after noticing that you have accessed the account once from Israel and once from the Philippines the platform might block your account


For example, on eBay there is a way to navigate all the funds to an external PayPal by changing the PayPal address on the Business Policy page.

Fear of the day that after the employee is fired / resigned – everything will remain with him? Will we have to change a lot of passwords?

Do not worry. There are ways to give access and of course enjoy the benefits of our software to strengthen your confidence as employers

What are the options available for granting access?

These are the main methods to give compartmentalized access to Filipino workers.

Third party software:

This is my preferred option if it possible, third party software is software that connects to a known platform like eBay or Amazon and allows to do quality activities like uploading a product or replying to a message. Through its interface, it saves us the problem of IP and money and also the fear of the day after solved because you can simply change Password for the third party software and the employee is completely locked out, it is even possible in some software to give a pre-locked access and this is the ideal.

If the actions, you asked the employee to take cannot be performed by third party software the following solution is for you

Cloud computer:

This is the perfect solution even that it is not the cheapest but still it gives the desired result.

By using a cloud computer both you and the employee can work on the same accounts from the same IP without him log in from his personal computer,

If you want to disable him, you can easily change the password for a cloud computer and he is no longer has access to everything that happened there.


Not a bad solution, the only problem is that there are platforms that are sensitive to proxy and there is a risk that the employee will accidentally surf without the proxy, in the case of Proxy the surfing issue from the same type of IP resolved but what is not resolved is giving the employee passwords.


The least preferred, you do not know if the employee has his old accounts or old accounts of his customers and the mixing will make problems, it is better to avoid this method unless it is platforms that do not make an IP link.

Nice way to protect your data with the employee is proxy

How can Fillva assist with this topic?

In particular, delaying the understanding of the need, we have developed a number of features that will assist in the process.

First of all, our logging system enables alert functionality – that is, if the employee enters a site that is not allowed or clicks a button that you do not expect him to click, you set it in advance and you will receive an alert.

We also provided special software that can be installed on clouds and check if you entered the cloud or the employee and see what was done there!

That means even if there is a cloud and you both have access to it only the employee’s actions will be recorded in the software!

Hope we helped and will be updated on more developments and innovations in this area soon