How to manage a big team of employees in your business

I will preface by saying that this article is suitable for both advanced and beginners

Whether you are hiring your first employee or you are already conducting an operation with dozens of employees I am sure you can derive value from this article

Managing a large team is a great definition so we will dismantle it and go step by step as a start on how to build the team

It does not matter if it is a sales team managing, customer service, orders or anything else.

  • Employee selection
  • Division into departments
  • Creating a working system
  • Monitoring

Managing large team can be difficult if you dont have the right tools

how can we start the process carefully?

Employee selection

The first and most important step in the process here – we choose our soldiers in the war and our partners on the road and there is no more important than choosing the right ones so do not try to round corners or compromise with your employee if you feel he is not the one you will move on with. The road can be difficult and take time but choosing the right employee will save you so much time on the road and make you just enjoy the work.

Division into departments

Or in other words – areas of responsibility. Every business owner who hire employees should know what each employee does, what department he works in or basically what his area of responsibility is.

A physical or internet business that works in the method everyone does everything ends up failing and missing so many tasks and not understanding at all why things do not happen.

Creating a working system

Communicates perfectly for building some departments because the next step after building a departments or sharing responsibilities – working on the macro – is the time to change phase and start working at the micro level, start getting down to the depths of things. When we talk about macro-level work, we are talking about shift analysis and its plots into squares, for example: setting the start time of the shift, setting the breakings time and ending the shift.

Dividing the time into work squares in order to maximize the work and avoid spreading time of small tasks throughout the day

Once we have finished creating our working system it is time to move on to the next step and that is Monitoring


All the steps in the process are undoubtedly important, but when it comes to hiring employees remotely, there is no doubt that this step is the step that will make the difference from another average business that makes ecommerce to a well-oiled machine that makes you money (that’s why we came together)

Think you are making a cake and you are using the finest and most expensive ingredients, direct the oven to the right degrees, put it in but the glass is black and you cannot see what is happening on the way but you know that in an hour it should be ready

You can see what is the final result but you cannot know what happening in the process when we with employment that are they remote workers. Without quality tools for work control and full control at every step of the way you will never know how you will end the day and you can only hope that the cake will not burn

Control can be done in a number of ways whether it is a conversation of the staff in English throughout the shift so that you can come in at any time and see what the mood was in the conversation

Sending two-hour reports to keep your hand on the pulse

Or if you really belong on the pitch of the greats

Working with a system that measures not only the activity but the effectiveness of a live employee

In conclusion

Managing an employee is not a trivial matter, but if you know how to do everything right, the results are immeasurably amazing