Bonuses and gifts to your virtual assistant

Receiving gifts is so much fun.

But does the form of a gift change the level of happiness?

Is there a difference between buying purchase labels, pizza, headphones or cash?

Studies have shown that people prefer to receive a gift over cash even if the value of the gift is lower than the value of the cash

This means that we would rather receive headphones for NIS 80 than receive NIS 100 as a salary bonus

When we receive a gift we feel that they thought of us and tailored it just for us and every time we use the gift we remember the boss who gave us. Our thought will automatically be positive

But how to do it in working with VA

Excellent question. When hiring employees and even more when we hiring remotely we need to create an emotional connection of the employee with the brand / company / manager so that the relationship will not be a fragile relationship based on salary only but will be another element of sentimental value that will benefit the employee and not make him think on his next stop

There are certain times when it is make sense to send gifts such as at Christmas, birthdays, at happy events in the employee family or at New Year celebrations. As already mentioned a gift can be cash and can be something the employee needs

From our personal experience and certainly working with the Philippines, small a gift as it may be, can make a very big difference in the employee’s sense of place in the workplace and his level of commitment

Be attentive to your employees and understand what they need

It can be something for the house, a toy for their child, or something to improve the work environment (a gift that is for both the employee and the employer) like a new keyboard, a set of headphones or even a mouse pad that bears the company name, the results will be out of the ordinary.

It should be remembered that it is possible and even desirable to reward employees both regardless of the holidays but also for the work for the hard part they do, remember that for you these are a few dollars and for them it is an expression of appreciation and trust that will earn you many hours of work, energy and a desire for success on the part of the employee.

Surprise your virtual assistant with a nice gift for holidays

If you have chosen to send the employee a gift, this can be done in a number of ways

You can order the gift for him through global platforms like eBay, Amazon and AliExpress but you can use local platforms as well like Shopee, Lazada and others I will also attach links to sites

  1. Lazada
  2. Shopee
  3. Zalora

Remember – a happy employee is an employee who gives more of himself and it is a reward worth your money