Is Outsourcing Good for the Philippine Workers?

Outsourcing is a practice that includes searching outside of your company to hire staff that can complete services or creates goods when technically the jobs could be done within your own company. This is usually a tactic for businesses to save money.

Offshore outsourcing is the exact same thing except it’s specific to companies hiring workers from other countries as remote staff. This type of work is very flexible for everyone involved. Most of it is done remotely and there are a variety of jobs that workers are hired for.

Outsource tasks can be anything that can be completed online, such as customer service. This widens a company’s ability to hire people since it is worldwide and gives more options to foreigners who would rather work from home or are having trouble finding a job in their own area.

One of the most popular offshore outsourcing industries is in the Philippines. Companies love outsourcing to the Philippines, and this is because Filipino workers are known to produce quality work. Plus, there are pretty substantial differences in labor costs and benefits between the Philippines and other places. This makes companies very attracted to receiving high-quality work while paying less for it.

For businesses, outsourcing is a great idea. But is outsourcing good for the Philippine workers? If companies are saving by using the Filipino industry, does that mean that these hard-working people are losing money?

Fortunately, it does not! In fact, offshore outsourcing is beneficial for all parties involved. Outsourcing is a very helpful industry that contributes to the growth of the Philippines. Because of the difference in labor costs, companies pay less but Filipinos actually make more! The compensation they receive from outsourcing is above their average salary so it’s a great and stable job for them.

More than that, with outsourcing, Filipinos have the choice to do whatever job suits them better. With everything being remote, there are lots of choices to choose from. Jobs can range from customer service, market research, uploading forms of data like items or lists, optimization, or order fulfillment.

Offshore outsourcing has helped boost the Philippines ’ economic growth. Some of the most popular outsource markets are call centers. In fact, it’s one of the top industries in the whole world. Thanks to outsourcing, the Philippines is a hot spot for work.

Because the outsourcing industries just keep getting bigger and better, there are more jobs available. Not to mention, because companies are from all over the world, there is almost never a shortage of available jobs. There is always a company somewhere in the world looking for workers from different countries and because of the Philippines ’ high status as outsourcing workers, companies usually end up there!

So you see, offshore outsourcing to the Philippines isn’t only great for the companies but for the Filipino workers too! The companies get to pay less for high-quality work and the Filipinos make more money while having the flexibility to work from their country or even from their own home!