Things Your Virtual Assistant for E-commerce Can Do for You

Many online companies require virtual assistants to help them do everything they’ve undertaken. You’re probably overwhelmed right now, and there’s no reason not to outsource some of the work to another. 

If you don’t, you may get in over your head and lose track of things at some point. That could mean not ordering enough inventory or having your e-commerce store crash because you didn’t maintain it.

Luckily, it’s easy to delegate various tasks to a virtual assistant for e-commerce. They can help with things like:

Order/Shipping Processing

Whether you run a drop-shipping business or a regular online store, a virtual assistant for e-commerce can step in and process the orders and shipments each day. This can include:

  • Order entries
  • Compiling orders
  • Setting up shipments
  • Updating orders and providing tracking information
  • Sending invoices to customers

If drop-shipping is your goal, you take the orders and then buy the goods you need. This saves you from requiring a personal warehouse for inventory. Let your VA handle all that!

Inventory and Stock Management

Managing your stock and inventory is critical, and every online store has to do it. If you don’t have products to sell, there’s no earning potential. Therefore, you require a balance between managing stock and knowing what you have (and what sells).

Thankfully, a skilled virtual assistant for e-commerce can help with these tasks:

  • Checking inventory 
  • Adding new items
  • Updating existing lists
  • Managing categories of products
  • Correcting errors
  • Ensuring live information on the website is reliable and updated
  • Managing repetitive label downloading and barcode tasks

With that, VAs can work with suppliers to ensure that your virtual shelves are correctly stocked by:

  • Recommending restocking when things are low
  • Keeping track of orders
  • Updating the website with the latest information
  • Monitoring stock levels regularly

Help with Exchanges and Returns

Once the products reach the customers, they may not like them anymore. Whether it’s the wrong item or it doesn’t work, you probably offer returns and exchanges.

Processing them all can be a challenge and a waste of time for you. However, a virtual assistant for e-commerce can take on that task as necessary.

With their attention to detail and communication skills, they can find out what’s wrong and go by your policies to make things right!

Customer Service

Your customers are your lifeline, and without them, you don’t make money. Therefore, you’ve got to keep them happy by answering questions promptly, but that takes a large part of your day.

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant for e-commerce is highly beneficial. They can:

  • Handle complaints from unhappy customers if orders or lost
  • Respond to customer questions quickly through various channels (social media, live chat, phone, or email)
  • Pacify irate customers until you can work things out
  • Handle difficult or aggressive clients
  • Cross-sell and upsell for you
  • Respond to positive/negative reviews and comments
  • Engage with existing and prospective customers through social media outlets
  • Much more


It’s important to choose the right virtual assistant for e-commerce businesses. We have many in our pool and work with you to find the best one. Take your online store to the next level and outsource many tasks to a VA today.