Virtual Assistant for Shopify E-commerce Stores – When to Hire Someone

Your Shopify store is growing, and sales are booming. However, you’re struggling to keep up with it all. Now might be the right time to hire a virtual assistant for Shopify e-commerce.

It’s natural for business owners to do it all when they start. They’ve got a low budget and are excited to get going. You probably felt that way as a new Shopify store owner. Though you try to keep up the momentum, things seem to slip. You’re making more money and sales, so it’s time to think about hiring a virtual assistant and outsource some of that work.

Here are some of the reasons to consider hiring a VA for your Shopify e-commerce store:

You’re Overwhelmed

When you’re selling things online, either with the inventory or by drop-shipping, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Right from the beginning, you should prepare for that when the business grows.

However, many Shopify store owners find it hard to figure out when they’re doing too much. Though it’s good to be hard-working and dedicated, you may realize that productivity slips, and you’re not doing your best.

If you’re exhausted and stressed, mistakes are sure to happen. Now is the time to hire a virtual assistant for your Shopify store.

You Can’t Perform Every Task

One big sign that you need an e-commerce virtual assistant for your Shopify store is that you’re losing sight of your responsibilities.

Remember: you are the CEO (owner). You’re supposed to come up with new strategies, monitor various business aspects, track metrics, and manage other personnel. This is a lot to take on, especially when you’re bogged down by administrative tasks to do each day. Hiring a Shopify VA is the best idea!

You Require More Talent/Expertise

Starting your online business requires knowledge of Shopify and the industry. You’ve done your homework and have a passion for your growth. You might be able to carry out product sourcing, order fulfillment, and customer service.

However, there could be particular skills you need and don’t have that a virtual assistant does. For example, social media engagement and graphic design might be out of your realm of expertise. Look for a virtual assistant with those skills to help you! With that, you may delegate the things you can do to free up time.

Your Sales Continue Increasing

Drop-shipping is fun and can be a great way to earn passive income without having a real warehouse or inventory. However, this requires you to continuously order products that customers buy.

While generating more sales is a great problem, it also means hiring someone who can help you with the expansion. Usually, virtual assistants have the skills needed to know what to do and when. That way, you run your Shopify store and have help.


Is it time to get a virtual assistant for Shopify e-commerce growth? If so, we can help. Our pool of virtual assistants can handle various tasks. We can find the right one for you to make life easier. It’s easy to grow your business without getting overwhelmed when you outsource certain jobs to a VA.